Wonderful JOY Ahead

Wonderful JOY Ahead

Have a heart of gladness. There is wonderful JOY ahead! ~1 Peter 1:6

Do you look to the future with hope and joy? Or are you stuck in a negative pattern that is making it hard to get from one day to the next?

Sometimes this life experience can be difficult. We go through the motions with work, family, and community responsibilities. It can feel like a difficult road to look with faith toward the future.

But, it is important to look for the positive things in life. Look to the future with anticipation and hope, and know that things will get better when you trust in God. Even if your circumstances don’t change, a simple shift in attitude can make a big difference to infuse your life with joy and gratitude.

When you think about the future, stop to consider your blessings. Take control of your daily habits and focus on the things that will help you draw closer to God. Let your heart be glad and allow yourself to experience the joy in each moment!

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