The Lord Your God is with You

The Lord Your God is with You

Zephaniah 3:17 The Lord your God is with you!

In those moments of loneliness and despair, where do you turn for peace? This life experience can be a solitary journey at times. Even if you have loved ones nearby, you might feel like no one understands the pain in your heart or the trials that you are going through. Each person walks their own journey

Each person walks their own journey and it is important that you understand that you are NEVER alone! God is always with you, guiding your life and directing your pathway forward. The Lord loves you and wants you to succeed, and He is always helping even when you don’t feel Him nearby.

If you ever feel lonely or out of place, offer a prayer to God. Get on your knees or say a silent prayer in your heart. Look for signs that He is there, and feel the peace that comes when you are turning to a source of higher inspiration and power.

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