My Grace is Sufficient For You

My Grace is Sufficient For You

My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness

What does GRACE mean to you? This word is commonly used when discussing the topic of Jesus Christ and the power of the atonement, but how does grace apply to our lives?

We all need grace, no matter the life situations that we are facing. The grace of God helps us to overcome our weaknesses and trials in life. No one will make it through their life living a sin-free existence. We are human, so it is inevitable that we will sin. In fact, we sin more frequently than we even know, with small sins of omission and tiny mistakes that are made on a daily basis.

There is no way possible for us to save ourselves, without the grace of God. He graciously gave us the gift of grace to help us overcome these weaknesses, sins, and sorrows in this life.

If you are feeling weak or worried, turn to Christ for the strength that you need to overcome. Do the best that you can with the things that are within your control, and then trust in Him to take care of the rest. His grace will “close the gap” to help us with the things that are outside of our control. His power is all-knowing, and anything is possible through His grace.


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