Jesus is the Answer

Jesus is the Answer

Jesus is the Answer ~ John 3:16

Google is a a great source of information about anything that you can imagine, but you can’t discover the most important things in life by looking online. If you have deep, meaningful questions about who you are and what you are doing in your life, then the best source of answers is found in a higher power.

Jesus is the answer! Get on your knees, look to God, and ask the questions that are deep in your soul. Prayer and scripture study is the best way to open you mind and see the things that God wants you to understand.

Do you have questions about life? God will show you the way. Need help making a big decision? Prayer will help you find the answers that you need. Looking for more meaning and hope in your life? Turn to God throughout your day.

Jesus is the answer! He is always there, no matter what.


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