God’s Words in Our Hearts =  Victory Over the Wicked One

God’s Words in Our Hearts = Victory Over the Wicked One

Do you find it hard to overcome the temptations and difficulties of daily life? Each person experiences these problems in a unique way… some people struggle with depression, others find it hard to overcome anger issues, and some people are fighting bigger battles relating to other sins.

No one is perfect and life can be hard sometimes. But, there is one sure way to overcome the difficulties and experience victory in the battles: trusting in God’s word.

If you want to feel hope and light in your life, then look for God in your daily actions. Turn to Him in prayer. Read the scriptures. Follow Christ’s example by offering service to others around you.

The more you study God’s word and apply it to your life, the more happiness and peace that you will feel!

These daily habits might seem small, but don’t underestimate the changes that are possible! Put in a little bit of effort to soften your heart and turn to God, and His mercy will inspire you so that you can be victorious in your daily efforts. He is there, and He wants to help… you just need to ask in prayer.

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