Focus on What Could Go Right

Focus on What Could Go Right

Don’t be afraid of what could go wrong, instead focus on what could go right!

It is easy to fall into a “fear mindset” and focus on the many things that could go wrong in this life. There are countless things that could happen to cause pain or challenges… it is part of this experience. These moments give us an opportunity to learn and grow, and it is essential to learn how to focus on faith instead of getting caught up in fear.

If you are living in fear and focusing on the negative things, then your mind will find more negative evidence in your life. On the other hand, focusing on positive things will expand your abundance and improve your experience.

Be patient with yourself and understand that it takes time to shift from a negative mindset to a positive mindset. It’s like exercising a muscle to change the brain patterns that manage your thoughts each day. Be consistent in your efforts and ask God for the support that you need. You will find more happiness and joy as you start to see the positive things in your life!


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