Faith is Stronger than Fear

Faith is Stronger than Fear

Faith is the only thing I know of that is stronger than fear. ~ Joyce Meyer

Have you ever experienced a moment of pure fear? Something that made time stand still and you were frozen in the moment, trying to understand how to break free of the emotion?

It is normal to experience fear, and everyone will go through this experience at some point. Fear shows up in different ways for different people. Sometimes it is a fear of public speaking, a fear of heights, a fear that your child will be hurt, or a fear of any other outside element that makes you nervous and unsettled.

Fear is a tool of the adversary. He knows that if he can stop your progress, then he will successfully halt the future potential within you.

The adversary wants you to feel fear. The Savior wants you to feel faith. Fear and faith can’t exist in the same space, so if you are overtaken with fear then it means that you are missing the opportunity to exercise your faith.

Next time you experience fear or anxiety, recognize what it is and then look to a higher power for the strength that you need to overcome. God is with you at all times, and He can strengthen you in these moments so that you can move past the fear and be back in a place of faith once again.

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