Don’t Dig Up in Doubt What You Planted in Faith

Don’t Dig Up in Doubt What You Planted in Faith

Don’t dig up in doubt what you planted in faith. ~ Elizabeth Elliot

In moments of faith, it feels easier to turn to God and ask Him for the desires of your heart. That close connection improves the feelings of closeness you share with your creator.

But, when the days get dark, it becomes harder to remember the good times. In those moments, you might undo the hard work that you put in when you were feeling faithful.

Plant the seeds of faith in your heart, and understand the law of the harvest: if you plant, water, and nourish the earth, there will be a harvest.

You might not see the results in the spring or even the early summer months. But, the harvest will come in the fall season, after you have put in the sweat and work.

God sees your efforts and He will bless you for your consistency. Turn to Him always for the support that you need in your life.

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