The world asks, “What does a man own?”
Christ asks, “How does he use it?”
~Andrew Murray

Take a moment to stop and count your blessings. When you see all of the things that you have been given, you will better recognize the hand of God in your life. We live in a time of abundance! Our lifestyle is more comfortable compared to other periods in history. Technology has created many things that bless our lives.

Instead of getting caught up in the world’s view of things, look at the way that you can use these resources to bless the lives of other people. Are you proactively looking to lift and serve the people around you? As you use your blessings to help others, God will continue to bless you with more.

Gratitude helps your abundance to expand. So, always focus on the things that you have been given, instead of getting caught up on the things that you don’t have.



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